Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spectrum Noir Marker Techniques

Today is all about coloring!! A couple weeks ago I shared a fun technique that I learned at the Chicago Create Retreat with alcohol re-inkers. When I was doing it, I thought.... hmmm, one day, I'm going to try this with Spectrum Noir ink refills. Today's the day!! :o)  Jennie reminded me about it and I had to get my ink refills out!! There was also another technique I've been wanting to try with outline stickers and fine glitter - I thought "what the heck, just do both in one project!! :o)  This all comes at a good time because I was looking for something artistic and special to put in a memory book for a wonderful woman I go to church with.

There may be a better of way of doing this part. I'm sharing the way I did it - I had no training. :o) I cut a piece of the two sided tape a little larger than the sticker I planned to use. I laid one sticky side down onto a piece of scrap cardstock.  I peeled the other side off and laid my outline sticker down.  I cut around the sticker. I then sprinkled the glitter, pressed it down, and put the excess back in the bottle. I gently colored with T3, then dabbed in a little T6, and then went back in with T3 where the two blues met. It blended so easily!! I love it!!

Next, the background!!  I liberally spritzed the Yupo paper with alcohol then dropped color onto the paper. The ink refills come with dropper caps which makes this technique so easy. I blew the color around with a straw until I was happy with it. NOTE: If it dries before you are happy with it, spritz with alcohol again. I set it aside to dry. I just love how the blending naturally occurred with the rich, vibrant colors and the texture that was created.  You get a lovely surprise every time!  I kept my background in the "blues" (IB3, TB2, TB5, TB6) this time and I will experiment with more color combinations.

I also tried this same process on glossy cardstock and I like that results too!  Below you can see the glossy looks darker, but that may be a result of me adding more drops of TB6. I'll have to play it more.

I decided to use the Yupo paper for this project.  I picked out the section I liked best and cut it to fit. I'll save the rest and the glossy background for another project.  I added a little more shading to the sticker outline with IG1 and IB3.

Try it, you;ll like it!! :o)

List of Supplies Used: 
PaperYupo white watercolorStampin' Up! glossy & metallic gold
Ink/ColoringSpectrum Noir Marker Refills, Spectrum Noir Markers
Accessories: Sookwang double sided tape, Glitter Ritz transparent micro fine glitter - cool highlight,  drinking straw, alcohol, Elizabeth Craft Designs outline Sticker

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