Friday, April 12, 2013

Add a Splash of Color

 I recently found an excellent buy - $5 for a cool zebra print laptop case. It was in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby. :o)  I dig safari print and this was a perfect accessory for my office wear. It just needed one thing - a splash of color.  I'm using Sheena's Paint Fusion Stamp Set - Poppies to help me splash.

I first cleaned the area with alcohol. After it dried, I stamped the images with a permanent ink.  NOTE: I placed a padding under the area I stamped on. 

Next, I filled in with white paint for a base. Since the background is so vivid, I painted another white later. The white layer of paint helps so the design does not shine through. 

I double-loaded  orange and red to paint the poppy pedals.  I used the handle end of the paint brush to dot in the center with black. 

Shout out to: Donna Dewberry - that's where I learned one-stroke, and I was recently inspired  by one of Dina's post you can see here.)

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Crackerbox Palace Stamping Chit Chat said...

Trena, Great find on the cover. You did a really good job learning the one stroke, they are beautiful. Neat idea for the cover.
Vicky Briggs

Marge said...

Fantastic Trena, love this! That'll really add some life to the office :-)