Thursday, June 19, 2014

Scruffy Little Cat June Release

Today, I'm featuring images from one of the new June Scruffy Little Cat sets. 
The images are from the AAMIRA set.

 I stamped this lovely woman image onto Ultra Smooth Premium White Cardstock and also onto design cardstock I printed from Sheena A Taste of India - Video Resource CD.  Click here to see additions I added to design cardstock. 

Starting with her skin, I colored the darker areas first using Spectrum Noir Blendable Colored Pencils, 085. I held the pencil close to the tip and used some pressure to get a darker color - no need to push hard, just some pressure.

Next, I used the same pencil, holding it further from the tip and applying a light pressure to fill in color. I also added some blush with 034

To get a very smooth blend, I touched the tip of a Spectrum Noir Paper Stump into Spectrum Noir Blending Solution and lightly moved in a circular motion to cover her whole face, including her eye lids and lips. TIP: I put my blending solution into a small plastic container (from my grocery store in the trial size personal care isle) with a piece of a sponge. I touch the tip of the stump on the sponge so I don't completely soak the tip.  I find a smaller amount of solution provides a smoother blend. If too much is on the tip, it removes color.

I continued to color using the method of coloring the darkest area first holding my pencil close to the tip and coloring the lightest area hold my pencil further from the tip and blending in small circles with a light touch - either with the lightest color pencil or a stump and blending solution.  I added shading to her clothing and perfume bottle on the design paper.  I also darkened her pupil with a black pen so they would really show.

Colors used:
skin: 085, 034 (blending solution)
eyes: 103
eye lids: 071, 119
lips: 039, 041
shading on design cardstock clothing and perfume bottle: 020, 026, 090 (blending solution)
packages:  020, 026, 034, 039, 041, 071, 090 (blending solution)
jewelry: 026

I cut out her clothing and perfume pieces from the design cardstock, edged them with a black water-based marker, and adhered them with Collall's Tacky-Glue to the base image. TIP: When paper piecing, to help fill in any areas where scissor cutting was not accurate, thicken the black line and/or add color to the area.

For final touches, I used a gold opaque pen to add detail to her clothing and to the perfume bottle.  Stickles gave her jewelry bling.

On the inside I added one of the sentiments from the set and a piece of design cardstock.

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