Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Special Holiday Gift Box

Do you ever have a special gift that deserves a special gift box? You probably already have beautiful cardstock and design papers in your stash that would make a great personalized gift box. One of the many, many uses of The Ultimate Tool is it allows you to design your own gift boxes. I used it and the Angel Wings & Fancy Things Embossing Board to make this special holiday gift box.

 Sara is on HSN today with a fabulous bundle featuring The Ultimate Tool.

 In The Ultimate Christmas Project DVD Sara gives step by step instructions on how to make it.  The emboss board and DVD come in The Christmas Embossing Board Bundle

The project uses the following pieces:
box base: High Gloss Cardstock, size 8 /12 x 11 inches. NOTE: In the DVD Sara uses acetate for her project. The High Gloss Cardstock is a little thicker.
top and bottom: Shimmering Cardstock pearl black, size 4 1/2 inches square
embossed decorative boxes: Shimmering Cardstock black pearl , white pearl

I added color to the high gloss box base with Spectrum Noir Ink Refills Blender, C10, C11. I added several drops of ink refills, picked up the cardstock and tilted it to encourage blending. NOTE: some areas of the cardstock naturally resist the ink so I added drops of color into the open spaces.  Next I dropped in a gold metallic alcohol ink and continued to tilt and blend until the whole piece was covered. I allowed it to dry completely.

Following the directions on the DVD, I used The Ultimate Tool to score it with Box Lid - line 5.  I creased the fold using the emboss tool to give for a nice professional fold.  I butted that end and scored again at line 5. I repeated two more times for a total of four folds to complete the four sides of the box.  I trimmed the thin edge to reduce the overlap. 

To make the top and bottom of the box,  I scored at Box Lid - line 2 all the way around on both pieces, cut a sliver at the corners, glued and set with paper clips. Sara recommends a liquid glue - I used Collall All Purpose Glue.

I put glue into the four sides bottom of box, slid the base box in and used a long ruler to press the sides down. I also added glue to the seem of the box.  After it dried, I added ribbon the bottom using Red Liner Tape.  

To decorate the top and make it functional, I used a hole punch to add two holes across from each other, and holes in the top of the box base.  I threaded the ribbon through the holes and tied it. This design makes it easy to open the top by sliding up the ribbon.

To decorate the sides, I used the smallest present on the Angel Wings & Fancy Things Embossing Board.   I followed box outline with the smallest embossing tool, on the Shimmering Cardstock white pearl and followed the ribbon lines on the Shimmering Cardstock black pearl. I made four little presents and then cut them out.   

I adhered one to each side with Collall All Purpose Glue. I added a ribbon that I made with the Ultimate tool to each present with Double Sided Adhesive Foam Circles. 

I added a bow on top to match the ribbon on the bottom. 

What a fun project!

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