Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Painting with Sheena!

I'm having such a ball with Sheena's images! I enjoy painting just as much as coloring (it's all coloring!). That is why I am having such a wonderful time with Paint Fusion. The images are versatile and Sheena's videos make it so easy to get lovely results.

To paint this lilac, all I can say is I followed the directions in Sheena's lilac video. I know! Not very creative on my part, huh?! :o) One of the things I appreciate about Sheena's videos, is that no matter what experience you've had with painting, she gives you the basics and you can go anywhere from there. Also, she's funny and makes me feel like no matter how I may mess up, my painting can still come out nice! If you are an experienced painter, you can use her images as a guide and spice them up with your own style. For this card, I did add my own spice by using dimensional paint to outline each flower pedal.

I have the same philosophy for art and cooking. I approach new art/craft techniques, like I approach a new recipe (my mother-in-law taught me this) - the first time I use a new recipe, I follow it closely. The next time I add more of the things my family likes and less of the things that don't appeal to us.

Here's what I did:
  1. Stamped the large lilac image on card stock.
  2. As Sheena did in her video, I stippled my background layer. I double loaded the scruffy paint brush with dark blue and white acrylic inks and then pounced to cover the image.
  3. Allowed the paint to dry, then stamped the same image over the paint.
  4. I used a smaller flat paint brush to double load in lavender and white paint, and painted the pedals.
  5. I then used dimensional paint to outline each pedal. Set aside to dry.
  6. Meanwhile, I found a shinny design paper in my stash for my background. I used a stencil, distress ink pads, and small stipple brushes to create the little butterfly.
  7. I adhered all the layers then dipped a toothpick into white acrylic paint to add dots to the butterfly's wings.
Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

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Kathy said...

Hi Trena, I love you card with the butterfly stecil, you come up with some of the best ideas. You are doing such a great job. You are one of my picks for the Liebster Blog Award. Have a great day sis.
luv ya. check out my blog.