Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sailing with a Spectrum Noir Painting Technique

Today, I'm sharing a  painting technique with my Spectrum Noir Markers for a adding soft colors.  If you like water coloring, you'll enjoy this technique! It's water coloring with alcohol. :o)  There are a few differences, which I'll point out.  I picked one of Sheena's new designs - the sailboat from her Destination Set to show you how easy it is.

As with water color markers, you scribble color onto a plastic palette.  The first time I started with a water brush filled with alcohol. I  found I prefer to use a brush and dip into the alcohol - that way I have more control over how much liquid I pick up.  I only needed a small amount of alcohol to spread color.  Because alcohol dries quickly, you'll have less time to work and blend, however it does not take much effort to get nice results. I really dig the results!

I stamped the image onto Ultra Smooth Premium White Cardstock for Alcohol Markers. Memento ink works well with this technique. As with coloring with alcohol ink markers, you'll want to make sure the ink is completely dry.

I started with the sail. I scribbled TB1 and PL2 on the plastic sheet. NOTE: it was clear plastic, so I put some white paper underneath so I could actually see where I scribbled. :o) I wanted to give the white sails just a hint of color. I dipped the brush into alcohol and took a little off with a paper towel. I picked up color and then stroked upward where Sheena's design showed the shadows.

For the land, I used GB8 and DG2. One the of nice benefits of using this technique is you can mix colors on your palette, like water coloring, and achieve a nice blend that gives a natural textured look. As with water coloring, wherever you lay down your brush first will be the strongest color then you move your brush across the paper to spread your color.  For the ocean(TB2) under the boat, I actually "scribbled" the color, leaving some areas without color for highlights.  For the ship, I used DR7 and TN7 and again followed Sheena's design for where the darkest area would be.  With little effort, I added soft colors to complete the scene.   There are endless possibilities of ways to color! :o)

Here are the Spectrum Noir Markers I used:

For more ideas about how to use these fabulous markers, please visit the Crafter's Companion Information blog - new posts every day! Also, visit our Challenge Blog.  There are lots of talented Stampin' Sisters over there whipping up some lovely projects! Hope you can make time to color today!!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

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Dawn's Craft Place said...

I love your tutorial and idea with using alcohol, I am so copying you...lol See it works both ways