Thursday, February 21, 2013

Art Imperssions Challenge-Behind the Mask" - Masking Techniques

This week's Art Impressions Blog challenge is Behind the Mask" - Masking Techniques.  When masking in stamping, you stamp the image(s) in the foreground first. To create this scene I stamped the Wooden Table (Sku#F1724)  first.   I used a stamp positioner to add the Lemonade (Sku#G1738) on top of the table. 

Next, it was time to mask the foreground images so that when I stamped the background, they would be protected. I use two types of masks - masking fluid and masking tape.   For large or wide areas I like the tape. For very small areas, I like to use masking fluid.  In this case there's a small open space between the glass and lemonade picture, so I used masking fluid. I painted the images with the masking fluid.

After the fluid dried (about 30 minutes), I used the stamp positioner to stamp the Harvest TF (Sku#4205)  right over the table. I extended the path with a multiliner. I dabbed the ink off the masking fluid. I learned that from my stampin' sister Barb G. I made sure my fingers were clean and then removed the masking fluid. I used an adhesive remover to get it started then gently rubbed it all away with my fingers.  You can see the barn and trees behind the picture of lemonade.

For the sky, I used masking tape to mask the images and airbrushed B23.

I used Copic Markers to color. 

After I colored, I masked the again and went back in with  the airbrush and deepened the blue in the sky.  I colored a glaze pen over the picture of lemonade and glasses. Used a white paint pen to brighten square on table cloth.

NOTES: I have a dedicated paint brush for masking fluid. To clean it, I use glycerin soap and leave soap on the brush as a coating. I dip into the masking fluid with the coating on. I paint just inside of the image outside line. If you paint right up to the line, you may get a hallo (white space).  When using masking tape, I cut on the inside of the outside image line.   I've used the masks before and after I've colored. You may want to test the first time using your supplies.

I hope this post helped you with your masking! 

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